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Destiladora Juanacatlán is nestled in the heart of Jalisco. Born from 40 agave farmers determined to bring their premium blue agave tequila to market, this 100% Mexican-owned company was founded in 2004 by a group of agave producers who came together to produce additive free, high-quality tequila under the brand name “Carreta de Oro.”

Carreta de Oro is crafted using 100% blue agave from the fertile midlands at the base of the volcanoes, delivering incredible flavor and sipping qualities. Destiladora Juanacatlán was created 18 years ago, born from an entrepreneurial vision committed to bringing the best quality tequila to market. Using our six-step additive-free process, we distill certified artisanal tequila. Every batch starts with 100% blue agave grown by 80 local farmers. All of our plants are certified by Mexican standards and processed with no chemicals or fertilizers.

 After six or more years, highly skilled jimadores harvest the agave using the traditional tool, the coa. Yielding only the best crop requires not only chopping the plant from the earth but also determining the perfect shape and color. The shape and color help farmers determine the sugar content, which will lead to the highest alcohol production. 

After being harvested, the agave is chopped in half and examined further. Only the agave with the best shape and color is put into the oven for cooking. All of the Carreta de Oro agave is cooked in a brick oven to generate its signature smooth flavor profile.

 After roasting for 24 hours, it rests for 12 hours and is cooled for another 12 hours. The cooked agave is put through a milling machine to juice all of the liquid available. Once the agave has been juiced, the fermentation process begins. Using a proprietary mixture of yeast, the plant ferments for 2-4 days until the signature taste and smell are achieved. Once fermentation has completed, the must is ready for distillation.

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In the central region of the Jalisco, Mexico, lies Juanacatlán. Known for its rich history and traditions in tequila production, it is home to Destiladora Juanacatlán - dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of 100% blue agave tequila in its different varieties.